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Body Composition Testing

Body Composition Testing

If you’re serious about reaching your health or weight-loss goals, it’s best to have an accurate baseline with which to assess your progress. Body Composition scans – which along with advice from your personal trainer, dietitian or exercise physiologist – can help you measure, manage and ultimately achieve your goals.

No GP Referral needed

$80 fee (non Rebatable)

What is Body Composition?

Body Composition refers primarily to the distribution of fat, muscle and bone in the human body. Weighing yourself provides feedback on how heavy you are, but offers no insight into your body composition. In contrast, Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry or a DEXA scan is able to accurately assess body composition, and also enables you to track any changes in body fat and muscle mass – traits important to anyone who takes their health, fitness and performance seriously.

What is DEXA

DEXA is an advanced technology originally used to assess bone health. In recent years it has become recognised as the preferred method for body composition assessment in research studies where changes in body fat and/or muscle mass are important.

What’s Involved in having a DEXA SCAN?

To have a scan you simply lie flat on the padded table while the arm of the machine passes over your body. The scan only takes 10 minutes. You remain clothed during the scan.

How does DEXA work?

DEXA works by passing two (dual) very low dose x-ray beams at differing energy levels through the tissues of the body. Fat, muscle and bone each have different attenuating factors (different levels of absorption due to their unique densities), and it is these factors which allow the DEXA to calculate relative masses of each tissue type in your body.

What results will I receive?

Your scan report will show the following measurements, accurate to one tenth of a gram:

– Bone minderal density, mass and area
– Muscle density, mass and area
– Fat density, mass and area
– Fat, Lean & Bone Percentages
– Android/Gynoid Ratio
– Fat Mass Index
– Energy Requirements (Basal Metabolic Rate)

The composition image gives you a very simple and effective visualisation of fat distribution and lean tissue throughout the body.

How can a scan help me improve my health?

A DEXA scan will give you a highly accurate baseline to help you make lifestyle changes to improve your health and reduce your risk for various diseases. By having your body composition monitored periodically, you will also be able to objectively track your progress towards your goals. Quantifying these changes also helps with updating dietary and activity requirements. Feedback from DEXA scans can also be a powerful motivational tool for this purpose.